Interspare – Stenter Mc, Spares

INTERSPARE continues the tradition of innovative engineering of textile finishing machines, through buying the brand names ARTOS, KRANTZ and STENTEX. Associated with those brand names are well-known names such as Famatex, Haas, Babcock Textilmaschinen, BTM and Textima. Even today products from these brand names are used anywhere in the world.


Customer’s useing stenters from Babco-Star, Unistar, K8, K10, K20optimo, K30 and Stentotherm produce very effectively by using the advantages from Econ-Air and Star-Jet. Within the dyeing sector Infrared-Dryer such as Pelta-Dry and Seco Rad, the Hotflue Quadro-Dry and the dyeing padder Babcoflex resp. Variflex are fixed terms.


For the wet finishing there were wash- and impregnation compartments developed. This includes Hydrotex, Convitex, Spray-Flow, Power-Tex, Super-Sat and Knit-Sat.


Steamers for pretreatment and Pad Steam dyeing ranges complete the wet finishing.


Multi-layer-stenter, K16 and shrink dryer Aerovar, Syncro and Syncro Double, carpet dryer and Krantz centrifuge complete the textile finishing line.


For all those products INTERSPARE is the only provider for original spare parts. Besides the service, INTERSPARE is also able to offer extentions, modernisations and conversions. For certain cases we also offer complete new installations.