ALBANY – Endless Felt/Blanket (Sanfo)

ITB Compacting Felt 1+2After weaving the subsequent treatment and finishing processes of textiles are the substantial factors for a perfect use of the fabrics and satisfied customers.

One of these subsequent treatment processes is sanforizing. Particularly for this procedure ITB has developed endless needle felts, which fulfill highest requirements.

Optimized fiber blends from polyester, polyamide, acrylic and other high-tech components provide for the longevity of the material and the prevention of hydrolysis processes.

The special design of the ITB endless needle felts with insert fabrics, which are exactly defined for the application in ambitious environments, fulfill highest needs.

Chemical treatments, tension and heat-setting processes give the felts a high resistance against chemicals, humidity and heat.

The weights of felts are from approx 1,500 to 3,000 g/m2. The thicknesses are accordingly with approx 4 – 10 mm.